Experience 5 Stars Property Management & Maximize Your Property Rental Profits with Our

Hassle-Free Property Management System

Get More Bookings, Higher Revenues, and Total Peace of Mind with Our Multifaceted Management System

Imagine If…

  • You didn't feel overwhelmed and could focus on business growth.

  • Our systems and team can free up your time for important tasks.

  • Your business won't come to a halt if you go on holiday.

  • You can trust our team to automate and outsource your communications.

  • You never have to respond to any Property Rental messages personally.

Want To Make This Reality?

Is This You?

  • You’re doing well on Property Rental but only have a few listings and are unsure how to scale.

  • You’re a super host with lots of 5 stars reviews but your business depends heavily on you and you’re stuck in the day-to-day.

  • You manage a handful of listings but you’re not making much profit.

If the statements above describe YOU...then Property Rental Accelerator is your perfect solution.

Here’s How We Help Owners Earn More

Custom Listing Creation

Designing effective property listings requires specialized expertise, and our team is equipped to provide it. We aim to create appealing listings that make your property stand out from the competition, improving your visibility on search engines. As a result, you can reach more people looking for a place to stay and book confidently.

Exclusive Pricing Strategy

Our revenue analysts utilize cutting-edge technology to analyze billions of data points objectively, enabling them to adjust rates daily - guaranteeing that you always book guests at the most beneficial price.

Maximum Visibility

We leverage the power of multiple listing sites to help you maximize your rental revenue. Compared to ordinary property managers, we list your home on every top site - giving you the potential of up to 2-4x annual earnings. Reach out today and let's get started!

24/7 Guest Support

You can count on us to quickly confirm bookings, collect and respond to reviews, and professionally manage issue resolution to make sure guests always have a five-star stay

Real Home Protection

Our $1 million liability insurance and $5,000 damage protection keep your home safe (along with everything in it).

Flexible Service Options

Please take care of cleaning and service by partnering with one of our carefully vetted on-the-ground professionals, or opt for someone you're already familiar with. Whichever option you choose, we make it easy for you.


We Offer A Free Keyless Entry To Be Installed Along with Any Permits needed for short-term rentals.

Get Results Without Guesswork

5 Stars Vacation Rentals understand that starting a new business can be daunting. That's why they offer no-cost sign-up, no long-term commitment, and an industry-low fee - making it easier for beginners to learn and succeed without breaking the bank. Jumping in has never been easier!

Here's What You Can Expect


Tell us about your property


Our marketing, revenue, and support teams set you up for success


Your optimized listing appears on all the top vacation rental sites


You book more nights, earn more, and stress less

What set us apart As A Team

We are a team of experienced property management professionals who are passionate about helping Airbnb property owners maximize their profits while enjoying total peace of mind. Our company was founded with the mission of providing a hassle-free solution for property owners who want to earn more from their Airbnb listings without sacrificing their time and energy.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing a hassle-free solution for Airbnb property owners who want to earn more from their listings without sacrificing their time and energy. We use a multifaceted management system to optimize your listing, adjust your pricing, and provide excellent guest communication to maximize profits and ensure the highest care for your guests and your home.


Hear what our amazing hosts have to say

"I struggled to attract more bookings and increase revenues until I found this amazing property management service. They took care of everything and helped me earn 3x more annual revenue. Highly recommended!"


Property Owner

I was initially skeptical, but after signing up for this service, I realized how much time and effort I was wasting on managing my property listing. They provided a hassle-free solution that helped me focus on other things. Great team!"

Emily G.

Property Owner

"I've tried other property management services, but none were as effective as this one. They put my listing on all the top sites, adjusted my pricing dynamically, and provided excellent guest communication. I couldn't be happier!"

Mark S.

Property Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes 5 Stars Vacation Rentals different?

At 5 Stars Vacation Rentals, we strive to revolutionize the way that vacation rental management works. We optimize both marketing and booking for your property, as well as offer you customizable options for on-site home services. Most companies demand a large commission rate of 30-50% just in exchange for managing your rental; however, we pride ourselves on an industry-low management fee of 20%. Not only do we provide advanced resources and expertise when it comes to effectively promoting your property; but also charge fair commissions for all on-site home services needed, even those unrelated to travelers' bookings.

Here’s what you can expect:

5 Stars Vacation Rentals provides a highly professional marketing solution for your property. Our customized listings will draw more people in, providing an alluring description you won't find anywhere else. Plus, we have an always-available support team to promptly answer guest inquiries 7 days/a week, even during nights and weekends. You can also choose from numerous options for managing home services—including working with trusted locals pre-vetted by us. That's not all either - every booking comes with our protective Property Protection Plus program plus up to $5K damage protection & $1M liability coverage, plus no hidden costs or lengthy commitments!

How Do I Know If My Property Is a Fit for 5 Stars Vacation Rentals?

5 Stars Vacation Rentals provides an unmatched management solution for owners of short-term rental properties. To ensure an excellent experience for our guests, owners must meet these criteria: adhere to 5 Stars Four Core Property Standards to guarantee a safe, clean, guest-ready, and as-advertised property; keep the calendar up to date; obtain city & homeowners' association approval if applicable. These requirements will ensure we can maintain the level of quality our customers have come to expect from 5 Stars.

How Do You Determine Pricing for My Home?

At 5 Stars Vacation Rentals, we want to ensure you don't miss out on any potential bookings. That's why our dynamic pricing strategy is so effective; it dynamically optimizes your rates based on occupancy, seasonality, and fluctuating demand. Our analysts start by performing a comprehensive review of comparable rental properties in the area and then continually optimize your rates. As an additional precaution, we set a Minimum Nightly Rate to ensure that your property won't ever be booked at rock-bottom prices - so no vacancies and no low-rate bookings!

What Are Your Fees?

At 5 Stars Vacation Rentals, we charge only a 20% management fee when reservations are secured for your property. And there's no long-term commitment required. Additionally, commission-based pricing motivates us to help you maximize your rental income opportunities. You don't have to stay with us if our services do not meet your expectations - on the contrary, our owners continue doing business with us because they love what we do and the rental income that comes from it.

How Do You Handle On-Site Home Services? Are There Fees?

At 5 Stars Vacation Rentals, we provide our clients with ultimate flexibility when selecting the best solutions for their homes. We offer owners a selection of options ranging from self-service to continuing to use one's trusted partners, or they can explore our ever-expanding partner network which covers everything from guest check-ins, housekeeping, maintenance, and more. Furthermore, all our partner services are charged at fixed fees so you never have to worry about unexpected costs.

How Will You Promote My Rental to Travelers?

Put your property in the spotlight and get maximum exposure with a custom listing from 5starsvacationrentals.com! We'll market it across the web and on major marketplaces, as well as social media outlets. Plus, we access our private network of travel enthusiasts to give you an even wider reach. Finally, we leverage our substantial email subscriber database to share news about your property with potential customers. Let us put your property in the spotlight with these ultra-powerful marketing techniques!

Who Pays for the Keyless Entry and Installation of it?

We will pay for this along with the installation of the system and connect it to our online software with a signed 1-year agreement from you.

Can you assist with getting a permit for our short-term rental?

Yes, with a signed 1-year agreement we will actually pay for the permit and apply for it.

Do You Offer Property Insurance and Protection?

Yes, every booking is secured by $1,000,000 in liability insurance and $5,000 in damage protection.

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